What would you like to communicate?

Brochures to Books • Pre-press to Multi-Media Publication  
Integrated Imaging & Branding Solutions • Web Site Concepts to Cloud Diffusion

Essential designs for comprehensive communications needs, for example:

The Land That Remains, Federico Busonero, Hate Cantz

:: Art director, designer, copy editor, image processing, pre-press, parallel web site, etc.


:: Busonero's site created for The Land That Remains book development, and the photographer's work.

:: Imaging pre-press & pdf finalization for printing in China.

:: Slide show for RAX's presentation at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, Virginia USA.

    • What would you like to communicate?

    • • Is your communication strategy working?
    • • Is your message special?
    •  Does your message communicate with visual concepts?
    •  Are your words, images and designs interacting dynamically?
    •  Does your information inform?
    •  Is the internet working for you?
    •  Are you leveraging free global communication technologies?
    •  How is your metadata?
    •  Borealis Works has cost-effective solutions to these questions.

:: Northern Light Inn – web site, images, text, maps, graphics, and SEO with leveraged Google technologies. Brochure design, all content, signage, menus, NLI advertising & communication.

:: Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir – web site redesign, ASI installation photography, video edit, post production.

:: Viking Language Series – web site consultant.

:: babarastauss.com – website

:: Prepress for Heike Ollertz Photography and support services in Iceland for the book ISLAND published by mare. 

:: Framtíðarlandið.is web site concept with leveraged technologies, consultant.

:: prepress for Frontiers of Another Nature, published by Crymogea. 

:: MiR - The Art School of Reykjavik – European Union reports, documentary art photography, webpages.

:: National Museum of Iceland – Prepress and exhibition image preparation for "Saga-Steads-In the Footsteps of W.C. Collingwood" by Einar Falur Ingólfsson, Part of the Reykjavik Arts Festival. 

:: Lin Yao Ji Foundation – Chinese/English site design, bilingual commemorative brochure, including typesetting in classical Chinese, mission copy statement & editing, consultant.

:: UNESCO – photography of Trade Schools of Iceland x Paris exhibit and archives

:: TG Riese – logotype, website concept.

:: Ingunn Fjola– installation photography & video, music.

:: Harpa Arnardottir –  photography, web site consultant.

:: Sunneva Design – photography & web site, copy.



Do you have a special project that needs a local produce and multitasking fixer, especially in Iceland?

Icelandic conditions are as demanding as its locations are extraordinary.

PV for Aimer, 2017.

My clients have accomplished their goals in very unusual situations, extreme weather, tight budgets and live wire deadlines.
I coordinate cost effective dynamic productions, most suitable for small & fast crews.  

4 decades of experience – shooting and producing on location, from the arctic to the equator – is brought to every assignment. 



Courtesy of Heike Ollertz Photography

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