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National Geographic, The New York Times, The Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Magazine, 
Archaeology Magazine, Brioni, Condé Nast Traveler, Die Zeit, Dior, Geo, GQ, Vogue, Bloomberg, 
US News & World Report, Libération, L'Hebdo, L'Etichetta, FMR, National Museum of Iceland, 
Reykjavik Art Museum, UNESCO, and more...

Brooks Walker – American Icelandic photographer, shoots editorial, cultural and documentary photography assignments worldwide. 

Based in Reykjavik, with pied-à-terre’s in Venice, Milan, New York, Berlin, Toronto, and Vermont.

Create beautiful, heartfelt, and informative images.

Roma Il Colosseo, Egypte-Egypte, Venini, Bodoni, Panatanee, Sole di Maleo, FMR Grand Tour 
& 40+ pocket guides to “lost or forgotten” cultural assets, monuments and institutions of Italy.

Lowell Thomas Award, Art Directors Club Italiano, Premio Barbi Colombini

Borealis Works designs comprehensive, creative, and cost-effective imaging solutions for new and refreshing ventures.

Producer / Fixer
Brooks produces and coordinates shoots for photographic campaigns & video productions in Iceland, Italy, and anywhere.

Workshops & Guiding
Brooks is available for photographic workshops and guiding services.

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